Friday, February 22, 2013

Museum, Cathedral, weddings

Feb. 22.
Our choice today was to take a tour of the lovely old ex-convent at Santo Domingo de Guzman. It is now a museum and holds very early historical treasures, many dating back nearly 10,000 years! It was very interesting but we went about 2 p.m., so most of us were getting tired.

We had previously been to the magnificent theatre and had a tour there too. I think the nicest thing was a beautiful cut crystal chandelier weighing 4000 kg. the theatre holds both live and HD films of operatic productions. Its history goes back to 1903 so many 'shows', including boxing, have taken place there.

About 1 p.m., we stopped at Los Ollas for lunch. Best place yet! Excellent food and excellent presentation. I wasn't very hungry so I order tortilla soup. A very large, flat soup bowl was placed in front of me. It had delicate fried tortilla pieces, finely chopped avocado and cheese piece, and a bit of croutons. Over this the waiter poured a small silver pot of the actually soup. Very nice.
We all left very satisfied. Mint ice cream was too tempting to pass up.

Back to the cathedral. It is a main hub of the city (except for the zocalo). Later this day a mass wedding was being held in a private area of the garden. I will guess that 10 couples exchanged civil vows here. I think some had also been to a close by church and been blessed there.
Then the fireworks begin.
I love how all these celebrations become a public time to enjoy.
We were home, and able to sit on our deck and see the fireworks which continued for hours.
I was very sorry that I was too tired to once again walk down as far as the cathedral, it would have been a beautiful spectacle.

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  1. Wow - that seems a very modern European chandelier for such a colonial city. Lovely, but somewhat out of place? The cathedral must be such a cool quiet refuge from all the heat and noise.