Friday, February 22, 2013

Flying to Oaxaca

We had been warned by many not to take bus or van over the winding highway that climbs the mountains to Oaxaca. It is a 7 plus hour trip and not many have the 'stomach' for it.
Our 2 Daves considered that they could do it, and they did.
Jim, Trud, Marg and I took the one o'clock flight. It only takes an hour so we hoped that would be fine.
We went through customs, waited a while and then were able to board a 12 seater airplane. The pilot was alone but all other seats were full. We got a great view of P.E. as we circled over the area and then we were off over mountains too.
It is amazing how many road wend their way over the hills and through valleys. Tiny settlements and farms dot the whole landscape. It's amazing to see how well cultivated the land is, even with such high mountain ranges throughout.
If Mexico is wise, they can become the fruit and veg basket for the western world. Water is always an issue so only valleys can produce a lot. I guess it depends on seasons, and this is the dry one.
We grabbed the airport shuttle for an interesting ride through town. As we pulled up at our address we were delighted to see our two Daves getting out of their taxi! Amazing.
We checked out our lovely casa and selected bedrooms, unloaded suitcases and then decided we should go look for supper and see some of the city.
We wandered, one street after another, and ended up at the wonderful zocalo which is located at the southern end of Macedonia Alcala. It is a grand park where many people spend their evening.
More about zocalas later.

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