Monday, February 25, 2013

Night Sounds of Oaxaca

It should have been a big hint when we found ear plugs by our beds when we entered our 'exchange' casa.
We had come from a very quiet paradise to a . . . Very noisy paradise!
I am a good sleeper so most nights I was only slightly disturbed by the outside noises. It was necessary to open the windows in our second and third story bedrooms in order to get the cooling night air in. Several of our company of six are very light sleepers so they didn't often get a good sleep. Some resorted to wearing the ear plugs.
I had one night of not feeling well, stomach upsets, and could not settle to sleep. This meant I heard sounds!
It was the night of the multiple civil weddings and the fireworks continued, intermittently, until at least 3 in the morning.
Add to that, dogs barking, high yaps, low woofs, bark, bark, bark!! Quiet for a few minutes then something or someone would set them off again. Many homeowners seem to keep them on their flat roofs as watch dogs - and they do their job well.
A cat fight took place, it sounded like it was right under our window! Vicious and quickly settled.
Add to that, siren wailing, church bells tolling, vehicles passing, horns honking. A motorbike roared down a main street (a block away), all of a sudden a thunk, and then silence. Shortly after, another motorbike putted by!
There were often people out on the streets too, they walked by quietly but chatting or quietly laughing with each other.
Getting close to 4 a.m., a rooster crowed!! Yes, in a city neighbourhood. That is a non favourite of Dave L's.
I heard what I thought was a broken down truck rumbling past our bedroom window, and then stop. I got up to look, it was just a VW bug which was parked close by. The couple very quietly walked across the street to their door and that was it for them.
By this time I was almost giggling because the sounds were so varied and constant. They drifted thought our windows on the cooling breeze from near and far.
That is city living. We all needed an afternoon nap the next day!
Then, early morning we hear the sound of a man calling ,'agua pura', he's selling and delivering the big bottles of purified water.. Another man comes by calling 'basura'. He takes our garbage away for a small fee.
So many sounds to remember.

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  1. Is that your street? Looks so nice - lots of trees? I wondered if news of your nighttime noise preceded you - with advance requests for ear plugs ; p

    w sends big hugs - we all miss you.